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Are you considering exterior house remodeling? A General Contractor in Concord, CA, can transform your home’s appeal. Our skilled team handles everything from the initial design to the final touches. As a result, your home's value and beauty increase. Act now to refresh your living space with expert guidance.

As general construction contractors, we prioritize your vision and budget. Moreover, our construction services cover everything from the start to the final inspections, making the process smooth. Trust our experienced team to deliver outstanding results, whether a new build or a renovation.

Are you looking for a reliable construction company? Our team specializes in pavers and home construction, offering durability and style. Additionally, we provide customized solutions that fit your specific needs. Don’t miss out—choose us for your next project and watch your dream home become a reality.


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Step into the shoes of those who’ve journeyed with us by exploring our customer reviews. See firsthand the stories that shape our service and envision your own experience. Don’t just take our word for it—become part of our story and create unforgettable moments with us. Join us today!


Enhance Your Space with a General Contractor in Concord, CA

Are you planning an interior house remodeling? Our General Contractor in Concord, CA, specializes in transforming interiors. Furthermore, we manage everything from minor updates to house remodels with precision and care. Imagine your home, beautifully updated—why wait? Start your renovation journey today and enjoy a freshly revitalized living space.

Are you dreaming of a new kitchen or bathroom? Moreover, our expertise in these critical areas ensures that every square inch reflects your style and functionality needs. Our detailed approach guarantees that all installations are perfect. Therefore, make your vision a reality with stunning, efficient designs.

Are you considering a comprehensive home remodeling? Additionally, our team is great at large projects like whole house remodels, requiring careful planning and excellent skills. Also, our efficient process minimizes disruptions to your daily life. Transform your entire home with us—your trusted General Contractor in Concord, CA.

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Our team is BBB certified, ensuring trustworthy and reliable service. Available Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., we offer flexibility to fit your schedule. Moreover, with free estimates available the same day, making the right decision has never been easier. We are fully committed to excellence—trust us to make your vision a reality.


With 20 years of experience and license, our expertise in residential services is extensive. Furthermore, being fully insured, we offer peace of mind alongside superior craftsmanship. Choose us for your next project when quality and reliability matter.

Are you considering an ADU, addition, or hardscaping? Additionally, our services enhance your property’s value and functionality. Furthermore, with our hands-on approach, we execute every project flawlessly. Choose a General Contractor in Concord, CA—where excellence meets innovation.

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Your home deserves the best, and that’s precisely what we offer at Ingenious General Construction. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward the home of your dreams. Let’s make your Whole House Remodel an experience you’ll cherish forever!

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